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/ Source: TODAY
By Grisel Mora

Maternity shoots aren't only for humans — and we have the pics to prove it!

When Kennedy Sorensen's golden retriever, Chanel, got pregnant with puppies, she got the idea to capture the memories with a photo shoot, just like her human pals do.

“I came up with the idea because when women get pregnant they usually do a maternity shoot, so I thought it would be fun to do it for my dog,” Kennedy Sorensen, who lives in California, told TODAY in an email.

Amy Rients / IMP Features

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Her friend Amy Rients, is the owner of LeeRoy, the father of the pups.

They teamed up and planned the shoot for the parents to be. Chanel wore a floral necklace and LeeRoy sported a blue bandanna.

Amy Rients / IMP Features

They also created a sign that said "9 days until puppies," and in one of the pics, LeeRoy gently nuzzles Chanel's neck.

Too perfect! All of which makes us wonder, have they done this before?

“It took a lot of treats and patience to make them sit so still," Kennedy said.

Amy and Jessica Ellis / IMP Features

And days later, Chanel had 11 puppies, eight boys and three girls, all gorgeous and healthy.

"Chanel is a great momma," Rients told TODAY.

Amy and Jessica Ellis / IMP Features