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Craig Melvin's family got a puppy for Christmas! See the cute pics and name

The TODAY co-host also revealed the breed of their new family member.

Craig Melvin has added a furry member to his family!

The TODAY co-host shared that he and his family got a new puppy named Myles Copper Melvin over Christmas on TODAY Jan. 2. It all started when Craig's two kids, Delano, 9, and Sybil, 7, woke up on Christmas morning and unwrapped some dog toys and bowls.

Once his kids saw the gifts, Craig then told them that they were going to pick up a dog, an Irish doodle, a few days later.

Once Myles came home with them, Craig snapped some new pictures with their new furry friend that he shared on TODAY.

In the photos, the dog is snuggling up on the couch with Craig's wife, sports broadcaster Lindsay Czarniak, and their two kids, Delano, 9, and Sybil, 7.

Craig Melvin's new dog cozies up next to his family on the couch.
Craig Melvin's new dog cozies up next to his family on the couch.Courtesy Craig Melvin

Then, in another pic, Craig's kids are adorably seen holding Myles in their arms while flashing smiles at the camera.

Craig Melvin's kids hold their new puppy named Myles.
Craig Melvin's kids hold their new puppy named Myles.Courtesy Craig Melvin

A third pic shows an up-close look at the dog's face as the newest member of the family walks around outside.

Craig Melvin's new dog takes a walk outside.
Craig Melvin's new dog takes a walk outside.Courtesy Craig Melvin

Craig and Czarniak also shared a video on Instagram of their kids meeting Myles for the first time. The clip included some adorable pics of Myles sitting on Delano's and Sybil's laps in the car, as well as footage of them snuggling him at home.

The clip was captioned: "We started the year off welcoming our newest family member. Meet Myles. We are smitten already❤️ #love #puppy #family #dog."

Craig's news of bringing home Myles comes a week after he wished his fans a merry Christmas on Instagram.

While wearing a red sweater, he talked into the camera about the importance of the holidays.

"Of course, this is the season that we celebrate the birth of Christ, but it's also a season of giving and helping others, so be sure, as we celebrate this holiday season, to spread some joy, spread some cheer, and also let's remember those who struggle this time of year because they've lost someone," he said. "So, if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by those that you like and love, give them a hug from me. Again, merry Christmas. Happy New Year!"

Craig shared how he celebrated the first day of 2024 as well. On Jan. 1, he posted a photo of a delicious meal consisting of what appears to be collard greens, black-eyed peas over rice and meat.

"The generational tradition continues. Happy new year, y’all," he captioned the post.

One fan commented, "You can take the boy outta the south but you can’t take the south outta the boy 😂."

Another said, "Collards and black eyed peas! A southern tradition!"