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'Who is Nick Jonas?' Clueless dad texts daughter while sitting next to singer

"When your dad sits next to Nick Jonas on an airplane and has no idea who he is."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Until a few weeks ago, college student Deanna Hall's dad had no idea who Nick Jonas was. So of course, he was the one who was seated next to him on an airplane. When her dad caught wind that perhaps the guy next to him in first class dressed in a black hoodie, black hat, and sunglasses might be someone famous, he texted his daughter.

"Who is Nick Jonas?" her dad asked.

Hall, a freshman at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, quickly educated her father. "A famous singer," she replied. "I love him. He was part of the Jonas Brothers."

That's when her dad revealed that he was sitting next to him on the plane.

Hall quickly changed her text response from calm to all caps. "SEND PIC," she demanded. "TAKE A PIC WITH HIM. TELL HIM I LOVE HIM. GET AN AUTOGRAPH."

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Her dad complied, sending her a selfie with the "Jealous" singer. He failed to acquire the requested autograph, though.

Hall tweeted her father's adventure in pictures with the caption, "When your dad sits next to Nick Jonas on an airplane and has no idea who he is." The tweet quickly went viral and has been retweeted over 50,000 times since she posted it Aug. 27.

We think your dad did pretty well all things considered, Deanna! Good job, Dad!

This story originally published on Sept. 8, 2017.