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'What cute boys!' Jenna Bush Hager reveals how her parents played along

For Throwback Thursday, Jenna Bush Hager aired a video of herself as a 2-year-old named "Benny."
/ Source: TODAY

In honor of Throwback Thursday, Jenna Bush Hager played a sweet video that her parents took of her as a 2-year-old — and she revealed her very unusual childhood nickname.

“They called me Benny as a little girl,” she said, explaining it started when a stranger mistook her and her twin sister as boys.

“Somebody came up to my parents and said, ‘What cute boys.’ And my parents were the type that just played along with everything. And they were like, ‘They are cute!’” she said.

Her parents then took the joke one step further when the stranger asked about the children’s names.

“They were like, ‘This is Benny and this one’s Beauregard,” she said. And the names stuck!

“I thought my name was Benny,” said Jenna, who also used to call her sister “Beaugie.”

The sweet vintage video showed Jenna with a hair cut she bemoaned ("Why did we all have bowl cuts?") and perhaps, as Al Roker noted, a bit of a cold.

“Evidently, my mom couldn’t wipe my nose,” she joked.

"By the way, I probably wouldn't have chosen this (video) if I could have seen it a little bit better," she said, later adding that it also didn't flatter her father, former President George W. Bush.

"My dad’s voice sounds like he’s sucked on helium."