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Finally, a video game my whole family actually loves to play together

Get ready for some fun game nights this holiday season!
/ Source: TODAY

"Lettuce! Lettuce! I need more lettuce!" my husband yelled to my two kids, ages 7 and 5, while I frantically chopped cucumbers and tomatoes for our salad restaurant.

If you or your kids have ever wondered what it would be like to be Gordon Ramsay for a night, we have a game for you.

It's called "Overcooked! 2," and it's an adorable video game (for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4) where players work together to run a restaurant kitchen. It encourages cooperation — in a fun way — so the whole family can play together.

"Overcooked! 2" for Nintendo Switch, $39, Amazon

The whole family loves it

Often, it's hard to find a good video game that will keep the whole family's interest, but "Overcooked! 2" has enough modern and old-school touches to satisfy both parents and kids. And, the coolest thing is that it requires communication, so it makes for some fun family game nights.

It's perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Instead of sitting there silently playing a game side by side, players need to talk, plan and work together to grab ingredients, cook them, plate them, get orders out to customers and wash dishes while beating the clock and earning stars for the restaurant.

We love a good video game night, and things get, er, heated during a good game of "Overcooked! 2."
We love a good video game night, and things get, er, heated during a good game of "Overcooked! 2."Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

The levels are unique and challenging

I've been playing the game with my husband and two kids. On one level, we ran a pasta restaurant ... on a hot air balloon. Another level was a sushi restaurant where the kitchen moves on a platform in the center of a pond, presenting another set of challenges.

Overcooked! 2
Each level presents a new set of challenges, like working in a sushi kitchen on a moving island.Amazon

It helps teach kids about organization

Early on, we realized we wouldn't get anywhere if we didn't get organized.

Soon enough, one kid chopped veggies, another washed plates, my husband cooked and I stepped up as manager, calling out the orders and making sure they went out to the customers properly. As you advance, you unlock new characters and levels.

Pretty much anyone can play it

It's available for all the major gaming consoles so as long as you have a console, you can play it. It's reasonably priced. And, you will quickly get your money's worth — our family loves a good video game night, and "Overcooked! 2" has quickly become our go-to favorite.

We brought it over a friend's house, and they were instantly hooked, too. Aside from the teamwork stuff, it's just really easy to get into.

Plus, instead of just mindlessly racing cars, it's fun to get to see if your kid can cut it as a short order chef. Sorry, Mario Kart!

"Overcooked! 2" for PlayStation 4, $30, Amazon

"Overcooked! 2" for Xbox One, $30, Amazon