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Valerie Bertinelli describes the touching reunion she had with her son

The actress, author and cook recently saw her son after months apart in quarantine, and she tells TODAY the emotional moment was “just so nice.”
/ Source: TODAY

In the era of quarantine and social distancing, something as simple as a hug is a real treat — and it’s one mom Valerie Bertinelli waited months to get.

The star has been holed up in her Los Angeles home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, while her 29-year-old son, Wolfgang Van Halen, has quarantined in his own home.

But earlier this month, they found a way to finally get together again.

“Wolfie,” as she calls the son she shares with ex-husband Eddie Van Halen, recently borrowed her car to pick up his girlfriend from Utah, and after the pair quarantined once more, he returned the wheels and delivered some overdue affection.

“Oh, when he gave me a hug, it lasted a long time,” Bertinelli told TODAY’s Hoda Kotb Thursday. “I wouldn’t let him get out of the hug. It was just so nice — so nice to hug my son again.”

And she even had a chance to spend some quality time with his girlfriend, too.

“They came over for the Fourth of July, and we played ‘Animal Crossing’ together,” she said of Nintendo’s wildly popular social simulation game. “We went to each other’s island.”

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The 60-year-old actress also spoke about her son when she paid another video visit to TODAY, back in April, and when asked what he’s meant to her life, tears came to her eyes as she replied, “That I know how to do something right.”