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Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum reveal their kids fought in preschool

The actors had already met before filming their new movie.
/ Source: TODAY

Channing Tatum first met his “The Lost City” co-star Sandra Bullock when he tagged along with a friend to her birthday party. Years later, they reconnected as parents in a preschool principal’s office. 

“We were called in together because Everly and Laila were trying to alpha the other one out, and we prayed it was the other’s child that caused damage,” Bullock revealed in a joint interview with Tatum for The New York Times

“I’ve blocked it all out,” Tatum, 41, joked.

“There’s some PTSD attached to it,” Bullock, 57, added of the preschool "drama."

But that’s water under the bridge now. Bullock’s daughter Laila, 10, and Tatum’s daughter Everly, 8, bonded in the Dominican Republic where “The Lost City” was filmed.

“That’s the reason we did this film, so they could have one long, Covid-safe play date,” Bullock explained. “We even brought motorbikes down there. All we cared about is that Everly and Laila were just having the time of their lives.”

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star in the action movie "The Lost City."
Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star in the action movie "The Lost City."Kimberley French / Paramount Pictures

Earlier this month, Bullock, who is also mom of 12-year-old son Louis, announced she’s taking a break from acting to focus on her kids.

“I take my job very seriously when I'm at work,” the Oscar winner told ET. “And I just want to be 24/7 with my babies and my family."

Bullock is raising Louis and Laila with her boyfriend, photographer Bryan Randall. In December 2021, she opened up about why they will never tie the knot.

“I found the love of my life,” Bullock shared in an episode of Red Table Talk. “We share two beautiful children — three children, he’s got his older daughter. It’s the best thing ever. I don’t want to say 'do it how I do it,' but I don’t need a paper to be a devoted partner and a devoted mother.”