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/ Source: TODAY
By Shane Lou

St. Patrick’s Day did not go according to plan in Neil Patrick Harris’ household.

His adorable 6-year-old twins, Harper and Gideon, were hoping to catch some leprechauns — not with traps, but rather with gifts. As the kids revealed in an Instagram video, they set up a display with gold, potatoes, mushrooms, beer and whiskey.

It’s a pretty elaborate scheme, no doubt assisted by Harris and his husband, David Burtka. We’re pretty sure the children didn’t get the alcohol on their own.

Harper and Gideon also recorded a very special, very green message for their leprechaun visitors.

The end result was ... this.

The leprechauns ruined the kids’ St. Patrick’s Day. Boo! We’ll let Harris explain what happened.

“The Leprechauns trashed our house. Gideon and Harper were far from pleased by all this Irish mischief,” he wrote. “Toilet paper everywhere. Cushions upended. Dining room chairs in a pile. iPad taped to the chandelier. Whiskey drank.”

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The gifts were rejected with a message spelled out with potatoes: “Never.”

To quote Harris, “What the flip?!?”

Back to the drawing board, kids.