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This son dressed up as mom and used her ID in a shopping expedition. Here’s what happened

Monique Meza and her son Jiovanni Herrera could be twins.
/ Source: TODAY

The internet is raising a glass to a 21-year-old named Jiovanni Herrera, who dressed up as his mom to use her ID (with her blessing).

“My son wanted to see if he could pass as me,” Monique Meza wrote on TikTok.

He passed with flying colors!

“Jiovanni said the clerk didn’t even take a second look,” Meza, 41, tells

Herrera's shopping expedition went viral. Meza’s clip has been seen more than 19 million times since she shared it on Sept. 12. 

In the video, a wig-wearing Herrera is shown strutting around in Meza’s sweatshirt — with a stuffed bra underneath — and a pair of her skinny jeans. He also also helped himself to his mother’s makeup, Coach bag and gold hoop earrings.

The clip is set to country singer Reba McEntire's "I'm a Survivor."

Herrera fooled the store clerk and Meza's TikTok followers.

“I initially thought the son was going to come down the stairs and stand next to his mom. I didn’t realize that he was already there,” one commented 

Echoed another, “I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT WAS HIM.” 

Some people noted that Herrera resembles McEntire, who is known for her signature bangs. As one wrote, "OMG THAT IS REBA LMFAO."

Meza, a mother of four boys in Florida, tells that she and Jiovanni have the “same shape face” and nearly identical noses. 

“The older he gets the more alike we look,” she says. And TikTok agrees.

“Insane how similar y’all look!” one person wrote after Meza shared a side-by-side comparison of herself and Herrera

“Literal twins!” 

Herrera is loving his internet fame, according to Meza, who works as a full-time content creator.

"I've been doing this for eight years and he's never wanted to do videos with me, but now he's totally on board and is asking to make more more!" she says.