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See the savage note Kristen Bell's daughter Lincoln left for her mom in the bathroom sink

“Dear Mom. Me and dad went fishing in the shower drain."
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Bell’s 10-year-old daughter, Lincoln, could have a future in comedy writing.

“Look how sweet my family is,” Bell, 43, began an Instagram video on Aug. 27. “They left me a note in the sink.”

She then treated fans to a dramatic reading.

“Dear Mom. Me and dad went fishing in the shower drain and dad caught a fish and I got a minnow," Bell said. "I know you love fish, so me and dad are going to hand them over to you. Sincerely, Lincoln.” 

Bell then panned to two giant clumps of hair — or fish — on a dry cleaner hanger. 

“Absolutely revolting,” the actor declared

Bell captioned her post, “How generous.” 

One fan pointed out that Bell read Lincoln’s letter in her signature “Gossip Girl” voice-over. 

Added another, “Lol, that’s so disgusting but Lincoln’s humor is nothing short of genius.”

Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, are also parents of daughter Delta, 8. Last year, the sisters pranked their unsuspecting mom by sprinkling cayenne pepper on her cinnamon toast

During a 2019 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Bell revealed that Lincoln and Delta love playing practical jokes on her and Shepard. Bell said that it can be “exhausting,” but at the same time, she’s glad the siblings are “developing a sense of comedy.”

“I was making dinner, they were being nice to each other, I knew something was wrong,” she recalled. “I’m so suspicious. We walked into my room, I pull back my sheets. They had dumped easily a gallon of water on to my mattress. It was saturated. Then tucked into their sheets they put pumpkins and a bunch of dirty underwear.” 

The siblings thought it was absolutely hilarious until Bell informed them they would be cleaning it all up.

In 2022, Bell opened up to about Lincoln and Delta's close bond, and said it's the two of them "against the world."

“I want to really instill in them, ‘You are a team. We made two of you so that there would be someone for you guys when we pass, so you guys are to be the strongest relationship you have on the planet, even if you disagree," Bell shared. "You don’t have to agree on everything, but you do have to maintain the sense of unconditional love for each other.'"