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See the epic breakfast prank Kristen Bell’s daughters played on her

Lincoln and Delta got their mom good!
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Bell may want to lock up her spice drawer.

“When the kids make you Cinnamon toast,” Bell captioned an Instagram video on Sept. 25. 

In the clip, the actor, 42, zooms in on what appears to be an innocent-looking piece of bread topped with sugary goodness. Then she pans over to a jar of cayenne pepper seasoning.

Bell’s husband, Dax Shepard, with whom she shares daughters, Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, can be heard asking his wife if she wants “water or milk” to wash it down.

“I just love that there are two bites taken out of it….#commitment,” Bell’s pal Rachel Bilson wrote in the comments.

“I’m a dedicated mom,” Bell replied. 

Though Bell didn't show any faces, those close to the family suspect Delta is the culprit.

"Loooooooolllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This feels like Delta," Bell's longtime friend and "The Good Place" costar Kirby Howell-Baptiste wrote.

During a 2019 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Bell revealed that Lincoln and Delta love playing practical jokes on their parents. Bell said that it can be "exhausting," but at the same time, she's glad the siblings are "developing a sense of comedy."

“I was making dinner, they were being nice to each other, I knew something was wrong,” she recalled. “I’m so suspicious. We walked into my room, I pull back my sheets. They had dumped easily a gallon of water on to my mattress. It was saturated. Then tucked into their sheets they put pumpkins and a bunch of dirty underwear.” 

The sisters thought it was absolutely hilarious until Bell informed them they would be cleaning it all up.

Last year, Lincoln and Delta began leaving a decorative Halloween skeleton around their house in various poses. Bell shared photos of “Mr. Bones” sitting on a toilet, relaxing in a bath and doing yoga. 

It might be time to bring Mr. Bones out again!

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