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Jennifer Garner gets real about motherhood in hilarious new rap video

The actress showed off her rapping skills during a special Mother's Day edition of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
/ Source: TODAY

Just call her MC Mommy!

Jennifer Garner showed off her rapping skills Thursday when she helped co-host a special Mother's Day edition of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The 46-year-old actress debuted a hilarious new music video featuring her candid advice to all the expectant moms in the audience.

The funny clip begins with Garner sweetly strumming an acoustic guitar and celebrating the beauty of motherhood as images of happy moms nuzzling babies surround her.

But soon, things get grittier. Garner ditches the guitar and begins rapping about just how difficult it is for women to push babies out of their "hoohas."

"Imagine squeezing something out the size of a watermelon. How much pain is that? There'll be a lot of swellin,'" she raps.

As for breastfeeding, Garner's got more real talk: "It ain't simple. One false move, you've got a cracked nipple."

"You'll be up all night, groggy all day, jonesing for a bottle of chardonnay," she adds. "You'll retain more water than the Hoover Dam and change enough diapers to fill a moving van."

During the episode, the mom-of-three also revealed she was nauseous with every pregnancy. "Each kid, it was worse and worse," she shared.

“With Sera, my middle daughter, I had to listen to (cellist) Yo-Yo Ma at night,” said the star. “It got worse throughout the day. It wasn’t like in the morning and then I was fine. As the day went on, it was worse. I just remember, for some reason Yo-Yo Ma was the thing that got me through. I would lie there ... in the bed, just waiting and hoping I would fall asleep."

By the time third child, son Samuel, 6, came around, Garner had completely given in to the worst pregnancy urges.

“Forget it, just forget it. It was like Happy Meals,” she said. “It’s just gross. It’s just gross what you do.”

Watch both hilarious videos above!