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/ Source: TODAY
By Shane Lou

Jennifer Garner owns a geode. Why she owns a geode, she couldn’t tell you. But she keeps it in a safe place.

In a new Instagram video she calls “What’s In My Bag?” the actress explores the random contents of her favorite backpack.

She shows off (among other things) a datebook, a long roll of heart stickers, index cards, a “honey thing,” a package for a set of pens, more heart stickers, a loose dollar bill, even more heart stickers, and a very bright light.

There’s also the aforementioned geode. “Why though?” she laughs to herself. “I don’t know.”

It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that she’s entertained us yet again with one of her Instagram videos. Her page is filled with funny and creative clips, whether she’s hosting a “pretend cooking show,” reading her dog a bedtime story, or playing the saxophone while dressed as a member of a marching band to celebrate Reese Witherspoon’s birthday.

She may have outdone herself with the above “What’s In My Bag” video, though it does leave us wanting more. After seeing all of those oddball items in her backpack, we have to ask: Jennifer, what’s in your wallet?

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