Hoda shares adorable photo of Haley Joy to start your weekend off right

If it's Friday, it must be ... Haley Joy photo time!

Of course, that works for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, too. We just can't get enough of that little chubby cheeked wonder TODAY's Hoda Kotb adopted in February, and thankfully Hoda's ready to feed our addiction with photos.

Here's the latest. Can you resist that little smushed baby face in the carrier?

Baby on board!

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And here are a few of the ones from recent weeks you may have missed, cuddling with Grandma on Mother's Day:

At a beach outing:


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And of course hanging out with her TODAY family!

Hi nugget xoxo

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Keep 'em coming, Hoda! As the Beatles might have said, we ain't got nothin' but love (for Haley Joy) — eight days a week!

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