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Girl Scout sells 300 boxes of cookies outside marijuana dispensary in 6 hours

A Girl Scout in San Diego did brisk business tugging a wagon-load of cookies outside a local marijuana dispensary.
/ Source: TODAY

This Girl Scout selling cookies found the perfect target audience.

An unidentified 9-year-old girl sold more than 300 boxes in six hours outside a marijuana dispensary in San Diego on Saturday, spurring debate about whether it violated Girl Scout rules.

A marijuana dispensary called Urbn Leaf promoted the move with an Instagram photo of the girl with an armful of boxes outside the store.

"Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4pm!" the company wrote, referring to a strain of pot named for the Girl Scout treats.

The girl's father, who was not identified, told a local ABC affiliate that she sold more than 300 boxes in six hours.

Her sales tactic of catering to munchies-prone customers raised some eyebrows, as well as questions about whether it violated Girl Scout sales rules.

Scouts may not sell on private commercial properties or sites used by the general public, according to Girl Scout regulations.

However, this situation fell into a gray area because the girl didn't set up a booth outside the store; she cruised the sidewalk with boxes of cookies in a wagon, according to local reports.

In a poll, most TODAY fans sided with the enterprising Scout.

"As Girl Scouts, we assume good intent,'' Girl Scouts spokesperson Mary Doyle said in a statement to TODAY. "Should we learn that a girl is in violation of a cookie program standard or guideline, we almost always discover that the parent was unaware of that rule."

Doyle added that if the issue re-occurs, "consequences will be determined."

While her approach was lucrative, she was not the first to have the idea. In 2014, a Girl Scout sold 117 boxes in two hours outside a pot dispensary in San Francisco, according to The Los Angeles Times.

On social media, many applauded the San Diego Scout's sales approach.

"She's resourceful,'' Savannah Guthrie said on TODAY. "She went where the hungry folks were."

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