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Family rents a cottage for a night, finds their son’s doppelgänger in an old painting on the wall

"Mum, they’ve got a picture of Barney on the wall.”
/ Source: TODAY

The Stevenson family was driving home from a ski vacation in the mountains when they stopped at a countryside Airbnb.

“Our children were starting to argue in the backseat, so I found a little cottage for us to stay overnight,” Jenny Stevenson tells

After dropping their bags, the family, who live in Sweden, began to explore the creaky, old house that was covered in antique floral wallpaper.

Jenny says she felt a chill run down her spine when she noticed the guest bedroom locked from the outside. Then her daughter made an even more spooky discovery.

Jenny and her husband, Jethro, were sitting down for dinner with their children, Dita, 14, Morty, 11, and Barney, 8, when they noticed a print on the wall of a painting by Swedish artist Carl Larsson, who died in 1919.

“My daughter said, ‘Mum, they’ve got a picture of Barney on the wall!'” Jenny recalls.

Everyone at the table, including Barney, agreed. The resemblance was uncanny. The little girl in the print could be Barney's twin sister.

“That expression she’s making in the painting, Barney pulls that face all the time,” Jenny says. “I’ll ask him to smile for a picture and he gets a very intense, serious look.” 

Jenny shared a side-by-side comparison of Barney and the young girl in the painting with her Twitter followers.

"Just arrived at our secluded rural B&B to find a painting of our youngest child depicted as a small girl," Jenny wrote on April 8. "There’s absolutely no terrifying precedent for this, so it’s probably fine."

One person overlaid the two images, showing how the faces are nearly identical, and shared the result on Jenny's thread.

“Is it too late to find another place to stay…?” they wrote.

But Jenny found the whole thing amusing. 

“We’re logic-based people, so we thought it was funny,” she says. 

“Though I did think about using the outside bedroom door lock, though,” she jokes. “Just in case Barney became possessed in the night!” 

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