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Kate Beckinsale honors ‘how much love’ her late father brought in candid photos

Beckinsale's father, actor Richard Beckinsale, died when she was just five years old.
Kate Beckinsale and her father
Instagram / Instagram

Kate Beckinsale is honoring her late father on the 43rd anniversary of his death.

On Instagram, Beckinsale shared a carousel of images to mark the somber occasion. The actor posted a series of photos from childhood posing alongside her father and mother, Judy Loe, as well as a scan of the front page of a newspaper announcing her father’s death decades prior.

In the caption, she penned a touching message to memorialize the late actor, writing in part, "I don't remember what not missing him feels like."

“It is part of me,like my blood," she continued. "Always aware of how life can shatter. May all the daddies,everywhere ,come home safe. July 6 1947-March 19 1979. How much love you brought x.”

Beckinsale’s father was Richard Beckinsale, an English actor best known for his role of Lennie Godber on the sitcom “Porridge.” The actor died on March 19, 1979 at age 31 from a heart attack. Beckinsale was only five at the time.

One year ago, Beckinsale posted a similar tribute on Instagram, this time sharing a scan of a newspaper article about her father’s death. 

“March 19th,1979. And we were never the same again,” she wrote in the caption. “Thank you to everyone who has kept him alive in our hearts and on our lips. And love to everyone missing a shining,special person of their own. I wish I was with my mum today xxx.”

Last month on Instagram, Beckinsale shared a funny telegram that her mother had recently unearthed. It was sent from her father to the hospital where he questioned whether or not Beckinsale's name was ultimately the right choice.

“Katie will not do,” the message from her late father read in part. “Decided on Gypsy much love = Richard.”

In the caption, Beckinsale wrote, “My mum has been organising and found this — telegram from my dad to the hospital when I was born. They’d been trying to decide between two names , picked Kate and then he must have had buyer’s remorse .The compromise in the end was my middle name being Romany.”

Beckinsale recalled her own similar experience naming her daughter, Lily Mo, 23, who she shares with her ex Michael Sheen.

“I chose Ruby Tirian Sheen as my daughter’s name the whole pregnancy and then when she was born she looked more like a Lily Mo….,” she recalled. “And then a brief panic right before registering when I wanted to call her Ethel. Funny old life #katiewilllnotdo.”