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Watch Andy Cohen try — and fail — to give his son a morning pep talk

"Everyone has a calculation," insisted 4-year-old Ben.
/ Source: TODAY

Andy Cohen's positive affirmations don't work on his son Ben.

The “Watch What Happens Live" host attempted to psych up his 4-year-old son on the drive to summer camp, in an Instagram video appreciated by all parents of headstrong children.

"You have the power to be a good boy, to be nice to everybody and to participate today," Cohen reminded his son.

"My calculations don't say that," the boy replied from the backseat.

"Well, when are you doing your calculating?" Cohen asked. "When are you making these calculations — can you make a new calculation?"

"No," answered Ben. "This is my own calculation ... everyone has a calculation."

"Everyone does," said Cohen, before trying again: "Well, you know what my calculation is? It's going to be a great day and you're going to be a good boy."

"That's not true," insisted Ben, holding firm. "My calculations don't say that."

"OK. Well, let's recalculate," said Cohen.

Ben, however, got the last word: "I'm not."

This is not Cohen's first negotiation with Ben. In April, he entered the ring over screen time.

In an Instagram video, Ben's cries after being told to turn off the animated show "Mighty Express."

"I told you that you could watch one, dude," said Cohen in the video. "I told you that you could watch one and how many did you watch?"

"Two," wailed Ben.

"Two! So that was so nice of me," answered Cohen. "So then how is there a third in play?"

"I kind of feel like I’m negotiating with a terrorist right now," Cohen added. "I feel like you keep changing the game ... You know, one ‘Mighty Express’ is worth two ‘Fireman Sams,’ just lengthwise. I’m just saying. Does that make you feel better? .... It should. I'm just reasoning with you.”

Cohen, who is also a father to 1-year-old daughter Lucy, claimed he won the power struggle with Ben, writing in the video caption, "Spoiler alert: I held firm!"

Don't relent, dad!