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Meteorologist’s baby daughter makes a surprise appearance on air

This is what working from home looks like when you have kids.
It was "Bring your infant to work day" for Milwaukee meterologist Rebecca Schuld.
It was "Bring your infant to work day" for Milwaukee meterologist Rebecca Schuld.CBS58 / Rebecca Schuld / Facebook
/ Source: TODAY

A meteorologist in snowy Milwaukee melted hearts when she brought her 13-week-old daughter on air last week.

“She’s prepared. She’s got one of her good thick blankies for the cold weather that'’s coming up tonight,” Rebecca Schuld, told CBS affiliate WDJT viewers.

Fiona had been sleeping, and woke up just moments before her mom, who is working from home, was set to go live.

“I’m holding her and our producer is like, ‘Oh, your baby, is she gonna make an appearance?” Schuld recalled while speaking to Yahoo Life. “I was very confident she was going to behave because she just took a long nap.”

After the segment, Schuld posted on Facebook a photo of herself delivering the forecast with a very chill Fiona in her arms. 

“Fiona makes her official in person tv debut to let viewers know it’s our first area wide Wind Chill Advisory of the season,” Schuld wrote. “Snuggle buddy needed tonight!”

On Twitter, Schuld noted that Fiona’s last-minute appearance is an example of “how Covid has changed the way we conduct work.”

Schuld, of course, isn’t the first TV personality to let his or her kids get a moment in the spotlight during the pandemic

Last month, as TODAY’s Carson Daly was ending a segment, he experienced an adorable interruption from his 22-month-old daughter, Goldie.

“Did you just walk in here by yourself?” Carson asked, to which the toddler replied, “Yeah!”

Goldie then got to work, helping dad hold graphics for segments on Queen Elizabeth II, “The Office," and John Travolta.

TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie, who is mom of daughter Vale, 7, and son Charley, 5, found himself in a similar spot in 2020. During a live segment, Charley squirmed on Savannah’s lap, while Vale sang “Happy Birthday” to guest Valerie Bertinelli.

That same year, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle delivered a live report with her then-11-year-old son, Reese, secretly sprawled across her lap

“I couldn’t believe we pulled it off without anyone noticing,” Ruhle told TODAY Parents at the time. “So I popped him up at the end of the segment and introduced him as my new research analyst.”