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Pete Davidson says his mom was caught using a fake Twitter account to defend him

"She's got my back," the comedian said about mom Amy Davidson, who is all about protecting him.
/ Source: TODAY

Pete Davidson can count on his mom to back him up.

The “Bupkis” star revealed the extreme lengths his mother, Amy Davidson, has gone to support him from negative comments during his chat on the June 28 episode of the “Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers“ podcast.

Speaking about his close relationship with his mom, the comedian told Seth and Josh Meyers that she once defended him online by creating a fake Twitter account in his early days on “Saturday Night Live.”

“My mom used to have a fake Twitter account when I first got ‘SNL’. You know the traditional ‘SNL’ trajectory: You first get the show, everyone loves you and then they stop and you have to actually be good at the show and then they love you again,” Davidson — who joined the show in 2014 — said. “It was, like, my second or third year, and it was a lot of ‘he’s not useful’ typical Twitter comments.”

“My mom made a f------ fake Twitter account under the name @JoeSmith1355 and would respond to everyone,” he continued, adding that her responses would be “so specific” and tweet things like, “Actually, I heard he’s working on himself and does that quite often.”

Davidson said that the “kicker” was that people didn’t find out it was his mom “through detective work,” rather because of her profile mishap.

“They found out because her username was @JoeSmith, but her profile name was Amy Davidson and the profile picture was Amy Davidson,” he said. “So, it was a picture of my mom, with a name that said @JoeSmith1355, commenting on all these haters.”

Pete Davidson and his mother, Amy, during the Mother's Day message cold open on "Saturday Night Live" on May 8, 2021.
Pete Davidson and his mother, Amy, during the Mother's Day message cold open on "Saturday Night Live" on May 8, 2021.Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Davidson — who left “SNL” in 2022 — then joked, “She got my back, dude.”

The comedian also touched on how his mom would attend the “SNL” after-parties even after he stopped going to them because he “got so much anxiety.”

“My mom will go every week,” he said, adding that she would mingle with other cast members’ moms. “She’s her own thing. She has her own group of friends... I know people who speak to her more than they speak to me.”

“She’s really special,” he continued, adding that she would “cover” for him when he didn’t go. “That’s what she’s there for, she’s there to represent the Davidson regalia.”

Meanwhile, the same day the podcast episode was released, it was reported that the actor was going to rehab. A source close to “The King of Staten Island” star confirmed the news to It is not clear why he sought help or when the podcast episode was recorded.