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Pete Davidson stars alongside his mom in new Super Bowl commercial 

The "Saturday Night Live" star gets hit hard by Jerod Mayo in a new Hellmann's commercial.

Pete Davidson's latest gig is starring alongside his mom in a new Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial.

The "Saturday Night Live" star is promoting the mayonnaise maker's initiative to tackle food waste in the new ad, which includes him him absorbing a hard tackle by aptly-named former New England Patriots star linebacker Jerod Mayo.

The 53-second commercial released Monday shows Mayo, 35, a Super Bowl champion with the Patriots, chasing and viciously tackling people of all ages to remind them not to waste any food they are about to throw out.

“Not on my watch!" he yells to one. "You could make potato salad."

“Don’t throw away that spinach,” Mayo tells another man. “You can make a frittata!”

Just when he's about to hit Davidson's mother, the "SNL" star tells him, "Whoa whoa, mom’s already tackling food waste, Mayo."

"The King of Staten Island" star then points to his actual mother, Amy, who is in the commercial.

Mayo, who is now an assistant coach with the Patriots, hesitates before tackling Davidson anyway.

 “Sorry man, I had to,” Mayo says.

Davidson understands the urge.

“I get it,” he says. “I’m very hittable.”

Davidson is a huge football fan who has heckled his favorite team, the New York Jets, in skits on “SNL” and a scene in “The King of Staten Island.”

The Jets haven't made it to the big game since Super Bowl III in 1969, so Davidson will have to settle for the Los Angeles Rams playing the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 56 on Sunday.

Davidson's Hellmann's ad follows one from last year's Super Bowl that featured comedian Amy Schumer playing a "fairy godmayo."