TODAY's Takeaway: Matt's in Sochi, Super Bowl quitter's boss has 'epic' reaction

Matt anchors from Sochi, Broadway Joe breaks Twitter and the woman who quit her job in a Super Bowl ad visits TODAY.

1. Matt anchored this morning from the Olympic Village in Sochi. In front of a wall of snow-capped mountains, he spoke to the women bobsledders about their chances at gold.

“I think we’re all ready to handle whatever comes our way,” Lolo Jones told him.

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US women’s bobsled team: Sochi is ‘incredible’

Play Video - 2:15

US women’s bobsled team: Sochi is ‘incredible’

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2. The woman who quit her job in a Super Bowl commercial Sunday night told TODAY her boss’s reaction “was epic.”

“He was laughing his can off,” Gwen told them during Trending. “It was super cool.”

3. The Super Bowl itself was pretty dull (poor Peyton), but that doesn’t mean the evening didn’t have its moments. From Broadway Joe’s fancy coat to Seinfeld’s big reunion (and likeness to Matt) to the night’s best ads, the anchors chatted about them all.

4. “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua is out with another book — this time with husband Jed Rubenfeld — which argues that certain groups do much better than others in America.

In response to critics who say it perpetuates stereotypes, Rubenfeld argued to Savannah, “Any time you talk about groups in America, there's going to be sensitivity, but our book is the polar opposite of racist.”

5. What’s your favorite Winter Olympic event? We want to know (especially if it’s curling)!

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!

Tomorrow on TODAY: Savannah talks to Mark Zuckerberg in an exclusive interview to mark Facebook’s 10th anniversary.

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