Best Super Bowl ads, from 'Puppiest' to 'GIFiest'

Did you see those cars exploding? Did you see Tebow carry not one, but two puppies from a burning fire? Can you believe what that woman nearly did to Stamos to get some yogurt? We sure did, and it was awesome. And even when it wasn't, it was a fascinating window into America's brain.

While other experts pass around what was "the best" or "most shared" spot, we've got our own ideas for who wins "the mostest" in various categories.

"The Ladyslayer"
Tim Tebow's T-Mobile ad left all the appreciators of the male form swooning. He does bicep curls, and saves puppies, plural, from a fire.

KIA's Matrix-themed ad seemed most like it was saying "please, please, turn our clip into an animated loop and paste it everywhere online!"

Aww. Budweiser's cowboy/puppy adoption agency woman had the best use of pooches.

Pundits thought @JCPenney was drunk when their tweets started showing up with big typos. Turns out they were just typing with "GO USA" mittens on.

"Best use of America"
Besides the Seahawks, America was the biggest winner of the Super Bowl, appearing in nearly half a dozen ads. This Budweiser ad giving a hero's welcome to one real soldier was the best.

"One single tear."
This Microsoft ad slammed us in the soft spot like none other. We cried into our nachos, then ate them.

"What the what?"
That was, um, weird. Honda's ad had Fred Armisen giving Bruce Willis a hug for sixty seconds.

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