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Hello, Hinode! Our new TODAY mascot is a ray of morning sunshine

After a weekend runoff, the TODAY mascot finally has a name.

We put out the call to name our mascot, and you rose to the occasion.

After more than 13,000 votes, the TODAY mascot finally has a name! And the winner is ...


The name, which mean "Sunrise" in Japanese, won the weekend runoff with 52% of the vote. Kyo-Kuma, or "Today Bear," got 48%.

Say hello to Hinode!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Hinode and Kyo-Kuma were tied last Friday after a weeklong contest. The other choices were Mochi, or "Sweet Rice Cake," and "Asa," which means "Morning."

The cute character was designed by Hiromi Kano, who is the head of a famous mascot maker in Japan.

Kano designed her with the TODAY set in mind, incorporating Studio 1A's bright, inviting colors and the famous TODAY sunrise logo.

So congratulations, Hinode! Thanks to all the fans who voted, and be sure to check out the video above to see the moment the name was revealed live on the plaza!