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/ Source: TODAY
By Scott Stump

It's so cold in Massachusetts that even the ocean's waves are starting to freeze.

Photographer and surfer Jonathan Nimerfroh took a series of stunning photos this week showing partially-frozen waves off the coast of Nantucket coming to shore amid record-setting low temperatures across New England.

Jonathan Nimerfroh

"When I pulled up to the beach, I could see the horizon just look strange,'' Nimerfroh told NBC News. "When I got to the top off the dunes I saw that beginning about 300 yards away from the shoreline the ocean was starting to freeze.

"The high temp that day was around 19 degrees. The wind was howling from the southwest, which would typically make rough or choppy conditions not so good for surfing, but since the surface of the sea was frozen slush, the wind did not change the shape. What resulted was perfect, dreamy, slush waves."

Jonathan Nimerfroh

The waves were around 2 or 3 feet high as they rolled in, according to Nimerfroh, and it was a sight that had not been seen in decades.

"I've been asking all the fishermen and surfers I know if they have ever seen such a thing, and they have all reported that this is a first, a result of it being the coldest winter we've had in 81 years,'' Nimerfroh said. "I guess the people I asked weren't old enough to remember a colder winter than this!"

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