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Kara Lawler / Mothering the Divide

To the mom at the water park, thank you

I vowed to myself, there in that kitschy water park, that I won't ever deny myself a pool date because I don't want to wear my bathing suit.

Amy Betters-Midtvedt

I choose my baby over my to-do list

When my little girl needed me to put her before chores and work, she helped me see what an enormous blessing it can be to be needed.

TODAY Parenting Team

'My lost boy somehow found a way'

He hasn't been hungry in years. He sleeps in a bed. With a woman who loves him. But he still won't let me throw away any of his shoes.

Lauren Casper

He's their dad, not their babysitter

I've noticed over the years that folks are curious about my children when I'm not home with them. Well-meaning people ask, "Who has the kids?"

Coutesy Leigh Ann Torres

9 years after the NICU, we are still affected

My girls don't look like preemies anymore. There is little physical evidence that they started their lives two months early. Yet the ramifications of their...

Lauri Walker / Mama Needs a Nap

Parenting can break you — don't give up

There will be moments as a parent when you will feel crushed. There will be hours, days, when you doubt everything you are doing. Don't walk away.

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