Watch adults reunite with their favorite childhood teachers in emotional video

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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

Most of us can look back and recall teachers who had a big impact in our lives — the ones who not only taught us the subject at hand, but also taught us to be confident and trust our creativity.

However, most of us never get the chance to tell those teachers just how much they meant to us, and that's why this clip is so very moving.

The video, put together by positivity site A Plus and sponsored by Strayer University, shows adults describing their favorite teachers and explaining how those classroom leaders made a difference for them.

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But what those former students don't know is that their teachers they're talking about are listening to everything they have to say.

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"I was lost without her," one man says of the woman who made high school bearable for him. He adds that he would tell her "I miss you and I appreciate you so much, and thank you for teaching me" — if only he had the opportunity.

Then she walks around the corner and straight into an emotion-packed hug.

"You have no idea how I needed to hear those words," she whispers to him.

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Grab some tissues and watch the reunions for yourself. You may even feel inspired to find your own favorite teachers and let them know what they meant to you.

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