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See this before and after kitchen makeover for under $250

Going bold is sometimes the best move.
/ Source: TODAY

Have you ever considered painting a space in your home bright, almost electric, blue? If your answer is no, this kitchen makeover may make you reconsider.

Erica Prince, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York, is best known for her versatile ceramics, so it's no surprise that her home reflects her unique outlook on the world. After a long winter in 2017, the 33-year-old decided that her kitchen needed a bold transformation — and boy did she deliver!

Electric blue kitchen before after
Before: The kitchen was nice but simple before its update.Courtesy Erica Prince

"Sometime around March when I thought the cold would never end, I looked around and realized that the white walls that once felt fresh suddenly felt sterile," Prince told TODAY Home. "I knew I wanted a bold color that would feel transformative — something that would add a touch of drama and romance."

Not only did the blue paint make the space more dramatic, it also perfectly complemented Prince's ceramics, which are on display throughout the home. They're inspired by Dutch tulip vases and Utopian architecture, according to the artist.

Electric Blue Kitchen before and after
After: The bright blue color looks right at home!Stephanie Price

"I make ceramics and I love to look at them against the blue, like the one pictured with the gladiolas and the one with limes and roses," said Prince. "The blue drastically changes its mood throughout the day, depending on the light."

In addition to the paint color, Prince purchased new chairs and added a few decorative flourishes — all of which came to a total of $250. The majority of the other pieces were either vintage finds or hand-crafted by Prince's husband, Shane Jezowski, who's a sculptor. And while she loves the blue paint, her favorite aspect of the space is actually the butcher block.

Electric Blue Kitchen before and after
"I looked around and realized that the white walls that once felt fresh suddenly felt sterile," Prince told TODAY Home.Courtesy Erica Prince

"I love the big butcher block and how much space it provides," said Prince. "It feels like I'm on a cooking show because I have the space to lay out all of my ingredients in neat piles."

Electric Blue Kitchen before and after
The entire makeover cost less than $250!Stephanie Price

Prince also has a message for those tinkering with the idea of updating the paint colors in their own homes.

"Go bold and don't second guess yourself," said Prince. "It seems like all-white interiors were having a moment for a while there and I do appreciate the versatility of a totally neutral space, but color will give you energy."