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When my tush was out for everyone at 30 Rock to see, I lost my faith in sisterhood

It all went down on February 17, National Random Acts of Kindness Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Since I was a kid, sisterhood and girl power have been common themes in my life.

At 8, I was selling Girl Scout cookies for my Brownies troop, determined to become a successful cookie-selling business woman. I played on an all-girls baseball team and attended an all-girls high school, both which encouraged female empowerment. "Murphy Brown" inspired me to become a television producer, and the Spice Girls taught me that women, if they look past their differences and work as one, can make beautiful music together.

Amanda Avery / TODAY

But recently I've felt the "Girl Power" bandwagon grinding to a halt, and back in February I was frustrated enough by an incident to finally put my thoughts on paper. It all went down on February 17, National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Amanda Avery / TODAY

After reading about the national holiday at my desk in 30 Rock, I got ready to walk across the street over to Studio 1A to help produce the show I work on, Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Now follow my journey: I shut down my computer, go to the ladies room, walk back to my desk and grab my purse.

I ride down the elevator, exit past security guards, head down a flight of steps to a Starbucks, stand in a long line for a few minutes before giving up, then walk past multiple stores, more security guards and then finally reach my destination.

Amanda Avery / TODAY

Looking back, I guesstimate that I walked for about 10 minutes and passed around 50 people.

Why those numbers are horrifying? It was only after my cross-the-street commute that I saw my reflection in a mirror for the first time. For that entire journey, the back of my skirt was completely tucked up into my tights and belt around my waist.

Yes, my booty was out for the world to see.

Amanda Avery / TODAY

Luckily I had tights on, but still: My heinie was on full view for the tourists and employees of 30 Rockefeller Plaza! Now, I'm assuming this wardrobe malfunction started back in the bathroom at the office, which means not one person told me for an entire 10 minutes! And that includes the (many!) women standing behind me in line at Starbucks.

What frustrates me even more is that it was a week celebrating Random Acts of Kindness! Come on, ladies! Can I get a Random Act of Kindness?!

I understand why a man might be nervous to tell me — but what about the women? Did they think it was none of their business? Did they think it was funny and would make a great dinner party story later? I'm not sure.

Beyoncé has tried to remind us: "Who runs the world? GIRLS!" But don't you think we need to support each other more on a daily basis? Then maybe we can run the world?

Peter Kramer/NBC

So, ladies: The next time you see a woman facing an off-day and suffering from a wardrobe malfunction, please let her know it! Only good things will come of it.

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Now excuse me as I go listen to my Spice Girls playlist and try to remember the good ol' days when I believed all women were willing to help each other out. To quote Ginger and Scary Spice: "I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah" ... believe that "Sisterhood" is still alive!