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How to feng shui your digital life in 20 minutes or less

Feng shui is used to create better energy flow in our homes, but here's how you can use the ancient practice to improve your digital life.
/ Source: TODAY

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophical practice that's been discussed in great lengths as a way of fixing relationships, and in some cases, even earning more money. The basics involve making adjustments in your home or office to create a better energy flow and more harmonious environment.

If your digital life is balanced, other parts of your life will feel more balanced as well.
If your digital life is balanced, other parts of your life will feel more balanced as well.Shutterstock

"If your environment isn't in a balanced state, then your life can't be in a balanced state," feng shui expert Suzanne Felter tells TODAY.

But, what about a different world — the digital world, for example. We spend so much time there, yet we barely put any effort into making sure that all pieces of that environment are equally balanced.

According to Nielsen's Total Audience Report, American adults are spending more than 11 hours a day watching TV, listening to the radio or using smartphones and other electronic devices.

"Most of us spend so many hours on the computer or on our phones that we are most certainly feeling the the effects of that energy," notes Felter. "It's important to apply similar clearing techniques you would in your home with your digital life to restore that balance and flow."

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While clearing out our inboxes is a step that seems to be on our perpetual to-do list, Felter offers a few ways to feng shui your digital life in 20 minutes or less.

Get rid of spam

Scanning through every email in your inbox is not ideal, as it can take hours. So just start with deleting your spam folder.

"Spam is like garbage in your home. Would you let it pile up," asks Felter. "The same holds true for you inbox. If it's filled with junk, then it's preventing new messages from coming into your life. You always have to have a clear path for new things to enter in."

If you have more time, delete old files, voicemails, phone numbers or photos that have to do with a negative part of your life — it will allow for more positive energy.

The best and worst ways to send emails
The best and worst ways to send emails.Shutterstock

Update your profile

Do you have a profile picture up from when you were dating your ex? Is your old job still listed on your social media? It's time to update it.

"If you have up old images or information from the past, then there's no way for you to move forward. You will still be perceived as the person from the past," Felter says. "Taking a moment to make these simple changes puts new energy out there."

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Untangle your wires

Neater wires, clearer mind?
Neater wires, clearer mind?FeaturePics stock

Ever hear of the expression "getting your wires crossed?" This can literally happen if you have tangled wires in your home or at your desk.

"Having tangled wires creates confusion and mixed messages in your life," says Felter. "It makes the pathways of communication open up better. You might be missing an important client phone call or be having misunderstandings, untangling the wires will help clear those up."

Change your voicemail greeting

Most of us are in a rush when it comes to setting up our voicemails, which leads them to sound boring and dreary.

"Change your voicemail greeting to something more positive," suggests Felter. "A more positive tone will attract more positive messages, and stop negativity from coming in. I once worked with a hospital where they kept getting complaints from patients and the administration, so I told them to change their phone system to a more upbeat greeting and the complaints diminished."

Carefully choose the color of your devices

Smartphone cases are helpful for preventing those pesky cracked screens, but they can be used as a powerful feng shui tool as well.

iPhone 4.
Woman holding an iPhone 4. Cell phone. stock photograph, communication, apple, wireless

"Colors are representative of the different elements in feng shui (ie fire, water, earth), so using them can evoke certain energy," explains Felter. "If you want more business phone calls make sure the cover of your phone is red because it's an attracting color. Pinks and earth tones can promote trust and good communication, while a dark color is for self confidence."

Though each of these easy tasks will have you well on your way to changing the energy in your digital and social life, there's one key factor necessary to feel the effects.

"Whatever you do, you do with intention," says Felter. "When you do things with purpose, it infuses that physical thing with that intention. Even after you've forgotten it, the object still holds onto it."