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Be nice, seek joy...blast music? Hoda Kotb's 5 unexpected tips for happiness

Hoda offers her most essential pieces of advice for getting out of a funk.
/ Source: TODAY

Hoda Kotb knows a thing or two about finding happiness regardless of circumstances.

The TODAY anchor has discussed facing cancer, divorce and other challenges — and yet she's rarely seen without her signature smile.

She sat down with Live Happy magazine to discuss how she maintains such a positive outlook, citing things like the love of her family and friends, stopping to think about the (often worse) ordeals of others and always making sure to look ahead.

“You’re in trouble if you start to move backward or think ‘I should have,’‘I could have’ and so on," she told the magazine. "And looking to the bad outcomes can send you down a rabbit hole of despair."

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Most of the time, she's able to improve her personal outlook by reminding herself there's a lot happening outside the bubble of her own worries.

“There are people who have endured terribly painful experiences, like the death of a child or a World War II concentration camp, and they go on," Hoda said. "Instead of trying to change the past or explain it away, they weave it into the tapestry of their life and move forward to make the most of today and tomorrow. That gives me the strength to see the good in my life and move on from sorrow or pain.”

Hoda Kotb
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If you're in need of a pick-me-up yourself, check out Hoda's five key tips for staying happy below. We hope they make your day a little brighter.

1. Play music.

"I'm always flipping music on. And if it is on ... how can you be in a bad mood? Music makes everything better."

2. Stream speeches.

“If I’m in a funk, I’ll listen to a graduation speech. Doing that, you can hear the best advice that some of the coolest people have ever given.”

3. Note small gestures.

Hoda jots down three things she’s grateful for daily. “Not things like the sun or my mom, even though of course I’m grateful for them. But I’ll note the man who held the elevator for me when my arms were full of groceries to always staying aware of the thousands of reminders of goodness around me.”

4. Be nice.

Hoda loves doing random act of kindness, like buying a co-worker a cup of coffee.

5. Seek joy.

“I don’t think life just happens to you. You have to seek out experiences. Make magic happen by looking for good around every corner.”

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