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Ally Love shares the morning routine that keeps her energized and centered all day long

The new TODAY contributor is sharing the secrets to her balanced morning routine.

As a Peloton instructor, Ally Love is known for her mood-boosting and inspiring workouts, and she’s developed a balanced morning routine to help herself maintain a high level of energy throughout the day.

Love, a new TODAY contributor, stopped by Studio 1A on Tuesday to break down the top three parts of her routine that set the mood for a great day ahead.

An early morning wakeup call and matcha

Love starts each day bright and early and wakes up between 4:30 - 6:30 a.m. Before she does anything else, the Peloton instructor reaches for a glass of water then embarks on her morning routine.

Many of us turn to coffee or tea to perk us up in the wee hours of the morning, but Love prefers to prep a glass of matcha, and told us coffee "doesn't make me feel good."

The Peloton instructor first discovered the drink from a friend and she instantly fell for it. Now she makes her own at home with oat milk. To sweeten things up, Love adds in a bit of honey or monk fruit and then serves it in a clear glass with a clear glass straw.

Love's morning "matcha moment" helps set the tone for a peaceful day ahead and she enjoys her morning drink in different settings depending on her mood.

“Matcha moments are sometimes on my balcony just meditating, praying and/or cleaning (while listening to) an Audible book in my ear,” she told us, adding that she also listens to sermons, classic rock and country music in the mornings.

Getting ready and Post-It notes on the mirror

One day several years ago, Love needed a bit of a boost before a Peloton class so she decided to write herself an inspiring note.

“It was to lift my spirits before going to perform and teach in front of so many people,” she explained.

Now, the practice has become an empowering part of her daily routine. The content of each note varies from day to day, depending on what Love needs to hear that day.

"There is no right or wrong (message)," she said.

Love typically sticks the note on a mirror and leaves it up all day or while she's in that particular room. Afterwards, she stores every note in one place.

Commute to work and decide "How do I want to feel today?"

When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it's easy to succumb to a bad mood and let that set the tone for your whole day. But Love prefers to set an intention every morning while she's commuting to work to ensure that she starts the day off right.

"Every day I anchor myself. I ask myself, 'How/what do I want to feel today?' I share how/what I want to feel. Establishing that allows me to be more proactive on how I want to operate and engage throughout the day," she explained.

Love began this practice randomly one day and when she saw how it made her feel confident, in control and proud, she kept it up.

"It really creates safe guardrails for my mental, emotional, and physical well-being," she said.

Life is hectic, and Love also uses this practice as a thoughtful way to course-correct when something interrupts her routine.