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'Climb' your way fit: Three moves to work out your entire body at once

Don't have time to exercise? Try this: It'll hit all your target areas in one go.
/ Source: TODAY

The biggest excuse I hear from people who don’t exercise: “I don’t have time.”

Honestly, who does? I know you don't want to hear it. But you've just got to make the time.

There is, however, a way to make the most of that time. Simply choose exercises that work your entire body at once. That’s upper body — including arms, chest, back and shoulders — as well as lower body and legs.

As a bonus, when you involve your entire body, you must also engage your core, which acts as a sort of “command central.” Your core keeps you stable and protects your spine. It also firms and tightens your entire midsection.

One of my favorite total body exercises is the infamous "mountain climbers" move. With it, you're able to support your entire upper body as you work your legs like crazy. You’ll also feel it on a cardiovascular level.

Here are three of my favorite variations, starting with the basic move and then on to two others that up the ante. Try them on their own as a mini workout, a dynamic warm-up or as part of an interval workout.

Get climbing!

Mountain climbers

Brandon Goodwin

Start in a plank position and try to keep your body in a straight line, from the tip of your head to your ankles. Lifting your right foot up, "raise" your knee, keeping it very close to your upper body. Return that leg, replacing with the left leg. Continue for 30 reps, alternating quickly; break and move on to slow mountain climbers (below).

Slow mountain climbers

Brandon Goodwin

Perform the same exercise as the regular mountain climbers, the only difference being that you will wait to return the foot to its starting plank position before picking up the next foot, which ultimately slows down the entire procedure. Do 10 reps(right + left = 1 rep), then pause for 5 seconds. Then do 9 reps, pause. 8 reps, pause. And count yourself all the way down to 1. Then, on to tricep mountain climbers!

Tricep mountain climbers

Brandon Goodwin

Repeat the same procedure as slow mountain climbers. But this time, bring your knee up to meet your tricep or elbow. Try not to bend your elbows.

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