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Move over, Grimace: The Barbie shake trend is taking over TikTok

Cold Stone Creamery's new Barbie shake is turning men not into Ken, but into Barbie herself.
/ Source: TODAY

You've seen people ordering five Grimace Shakes from McDonald's to pour on themselves for a TikTok trend. Now, get ready for Cold Stone Creamery's Barbie shake, which is "yassifying" men into hot pink dresses and super-short crop tops.

While the rise of Barbiecore has been well-documented in the lead-up to the July 21 "Barbie" movie premiere (thanks to a stellar job by the Barbie marketing team), it has mostly applied to women — until now.

This trend — involving Cold Stone's new Pink Cotton Candy ice cream shake, made in partnership with Warner Bros. and Mattel — is shaking things up even more. TikTok videos with millions of views show men trying the shake for the first time, spinning around and transforming into glammed-up Barbies.

One such video shows @kevin_pyle7 sipping the shake and then cuts to a shot of him standing up in a hot-pink bodycon dress, pink boots and blonde wig. (He then trips and falls and tumbles down a set of stairs.)

Some have also deviated from Barbie's signature pink color in their takes on the trend, demonstrating that Barbiecore can be more about the attitude than the outfit.

TikTok user @clickatronn switches looks from a camo long-sleeve shirt and black Nike shorts to a brown crop top and high-waisted denim shorts in his video, which has 2.7 million views.

"This milkshake got me actin brand new 💅🏾💋," the caption reads.

“For every evil there is good,” one user commented. “for every ying there is a yang. for every grimace shake there is a barbie shake. all things must balance.”

Another viral video features Ean from @whistlin_gasoline, an account largely focused on car content, twirling into a magenta shirt rolled up into a crop top. The blue Mustang behind Ean also turns the same bright shade of pinkish-purple.

"Yass b----, that's a slay," Ean says in the video with the shake in hand.

In a video that scored 1.9 million views, @phoboya takes a sip of the shake and then bikes away from the camera, revealing the top of a black thong under his shirt.

"Caught me off guard ☠️ but slay," one user wrote in the comments.

"I need people to start drinking the barbie shake and then cutting to them in full drag," another commented.

"Hey guys, we're at Cold Stone, we're trying the new Barbie shake," says @catinatorgg before taking a sip. "That's actually pretty good." He then spins around while "Barbie Girl" by Aqua plays and morphs into a hot pink mini dress, blonde bob-wearing Barbie. "Yaaaaas," he proclaims in the video that has over 2.7 million views.

“Cold Stone is proud to be partnering with the iconic Barbie character as imagined by Warner Bros. in the new film,” Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Cold Stone parent company Kahala Brands, wrote in a statement to “Cold Stone Creamery is known for having endless possibilities of combinations to create your own perfect treat!”