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People make ham-azing observation about Ariana Grande’s ‘Wicked’ dress: ‘Can’t unsee it’

“It’s a Gabagown,” one person posted.

An observation about Ariana Grande’s Glinda gown on the “Wicked” poster has become quite “Popular.”

On Feb. 11, a trailer for the much-anticipated “Wicked” movie debuted during the Super Bowl. The one-minute clip gives audiences a first look at Grande and Cynthia Erivo as Glinda and Elphaba, respectively, in the two-part movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, the first half of which will come out on Nov. 27.

Ariana Mortadella?
Ariana Mortadella?Universal Pictures

After the trailer dropped, the “Wicked” movie’s official X account and director Jon M. Chu shared the film’s very verdant poster, featuring both stars in their iconic costumes casting a W-shaped shadow. Erivo sports her character’s flying broom and pointed hat — but it’s Grande’s rosy pink layered bubble gown that’s has social media, well, oinking.

“why does her dress look like prosciutto,” X user @airbagged wrote in a post that has been viewed over 8 million times.

“Now I can’t unsee it,” another user replied.

“Oh boy subway do I have a deal for you,” someone else responded.

“charcuterie core,” wrote another person.

“It’s a Gabagown,” posted yet another user.

Then plenty of others across the internet joined in on porking fun at the costume’s ham-like appearance.

“someone said it looks like ariana’s wearing a dress made of sliced deli meat on the #Wicked movie poster and now i can’t unsee the honey baked ham dress 🥴,” posted another X user.

“I’m a vegetarian. But for the deli meat bubble dress, I’ll make an exception,” commented one person on Instagram.

“Not Prosciutto Couture,” wrote another.

“ariana wearing a lunch meat gown oh gaga ur toast,” another person posted on X, referencing Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress.

“I guess i could thank my mom for the inspiration since we would watch the sopranos together as a bonding moment,” @airbagged, who was the first to make this observation, tells via direct message. “i guess i wouldn’t have my extensive knowledge of italian dry-cured ham without that experience.”

None of the “Wicked” stars have publicly commented on Grande’s dress’ resemblance to pork products, but Erivo shared one specific clip from the “Sentimental Men” podcast that mentions it on her Instagram story.

“Oh, my God,” says co-host Quincy Brown, lauding the creativity of the poster before changing course. “Shut up about the Glinda address looking like deli meat. Who cares? It’s gorgeous.”

It’s worth noting, though, that a big, heaping pile of mortadella can also be a gorgeous thing.