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Is a Skittle without a shell still a Skittle? The internet is baffled over new candy

Isn't it just a round Starburst...
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever wondered what a naked Skittle looks like, you've come to the right place.

Skittles have been known to play tricks on our tastebuds in the past. But now, the candy has gone totally rogue across the pond ... and it's not the taste that's different this time around. Now, they've ditched the shell and have a totally new look.

Mars Wrigley Confectionary recently announced its launch of a product called Skittles Chewies in the U.K. They're the same lovable sweets — but with more chewiness and none of the outer-crunch. The treats debuted alongside unwrapped Starburst minis, which look really, really similar.

It's not the first time the brand has premiered something new with both of their most popular fruity candies. Last year, Mars released packs of Starbursts and Skittles packing a little heat.

This time, however, candy fans on the Internet just don't know what to think. Is a Skittle without a shell really a Skittle, a round Starburst or some other treat entirely?

"I'm not sure, they look strange," a perplexed instagramer wrote.

"But ... the shell is awesome," another commented.

Some Skittles fans are thrilled about the innovation and, after tasting it, have declared it a true winner.

A couple tweeters tasted the shell-less candies, as well as the new Starburst minis and were pleasantly surprised.

But a few Facebook reactions made it clear that some people will just never accept a naked Skittle.

"It's a no," one wrote person wrote with a "Star Wars" Chewbacca GIF emphatically shaking his head.

"Seriously, those are called Starburst," another person posted.

Now we just want to know, what will the world do if M&M's ever go shell-less?!