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Steve Kornacki is back at the map — but this one's about Thanksgiving sides

The mashed potato constituency is looking really strong this year.
On Tuesday, Kornacki was talking turkey instead of politics.
On Tuesday, Kornacki was talking turkey instead of politics.TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Steve Kornacki has studied the map of America just 16 days ahead of a crucial decision for people across the country, and the data has led him to a conclusion.

It looks like mashed potatoes are the front-runner to be on the most plates this Thanksgiving.

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The MSNBC election wizard had some fun breaking down side dishes on the 3rd hour of TODAY Tuesday now that he's been able to take a slight breather from his tireless, around-the-clock coverage of the Electoral College map that made him a viral star last week.

Kornacki was talking turkey instead of politics, giving his breakdown of a map released by the career company Zippia that shows the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state based on Google Trends.

Forget red vs. blue — this is brown (mashed potatoes) vs. yellow (mac and cheese).

"This is an election that would be going to the House of Representatives, although mashed potatoes gets California, that's a lot of electoral votes," Kornacki said.

He also broke down the home states of the TODAY co-hosts like he was drilling down on voter data in key Pennsylvania counties.

"Sheinelle, of course, with her Kansas roots, it's all about the creamed corn out there," he said.

Dylan Dreyer and Al Roker, who are New Jersey and New York natives, respectively, are part of the same Thanksgiving side-dish coalition.

"When you think of the Garden State, you think of stuffing," Kornacki said about Dylan.

Craig Melvin, who was on the show from his Connecticut home, may have to choose between dueling loyalties when it comes to rounding out his plate.

"Craig, you're in Connecticut right now, which means you're in the heart of mashed potato country, but your heart is in South Carolina, home of mac and cheese as the Thanksgiving specialty," Kornacki said.

Craig's Mom's Mac and Cheese

Kornacki is from Massachusetts, which is part of the Stuffing Wall in the Northeast, with the exception of rogue Maine and its side salad. (Seriously, side salad?!)

"A lot of stuffing on the board here," he said.

In the wake of his viral fame, the MSNBC analyst also received a visit from Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" Monday, where Fallon got a look Kornacki's darkened mess of an office.

We apologize, this video has expired.

"I didn't have time to clean I'd like to say, but then again I haven't had time for five years because that's how it looks," Kornacki said.

He also shared how he was so focused on the election results that he had no idea that people like Chrissy Teigen and Leslie Jones were celebrating his indefatigable effort (and his khakis) on social media.

"It truly, truly blindsided me," he said. "I really didn't even see that this was a thing happening."