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Watch Jimmy Fallon pay a surprise visit to MSNBC's Steve Kornacki

"Man, his office is just a mess," Fallon said.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon discovered where Steve Kornacki goes once he leaves his natural habitat next to the big board during his marathon, sleep-defying coverage of presidential elections.

"The Tonight Show" host wanted to reward the NBC News national political correspondent with a gift for his tireless work, so he ventured downstairs to Kornacki's office in the darkened bowels of Rockefeller Center to find him buried somewhere among all the clutter on his desk.

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"Man, his office is just a mess," Fallon said.

"Oh my," a surprised Kornacki said. "Welcome to the second floor."

Fallon presented Kornacki with a gift that looks like it will go perfectly with the rest of the items strewn across the journalist's office — a $5 Subway gift card and a small bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

"Steve, you're still standing," Fallon said. "You're doing all right."

"I'm recharged, I'm feeling OK," Kornacki said. "They put me back into preservation for about 3 1/2 years."

Kornacki, 41, became a sensation last week for his constant updates of the presidential race and his ability to do math on the fly live on the air, even at 4 a.m.

The hashtag #TrackingKornacki trended on Twitter as people marveled at a man whom Weekend TODAY co-anchor Peter Alexander called "part political junkie, part human calculator, part Energizer Bunny."

Alexander reported that between Election Day and Friday night, Kornacki got a total of five hours of sleep before he ultimately returned to his "charging station."

Plenty of election junkies who stayed glued to his coverage, even during commercial breaks, were in awe of his endless energy.

"This is how I like my reporters to look," comedian Leslie Jones said in a Twitter video. "Disheveled and concerned. I love this dude."

"I honestly dunno how steve is still going im bout to die," model Chrissy Teigen tweeted.

The "charthrob" also became famous for his choice of khakis, which can be seen hanging up in the background during Fallon's visit to his office.

"Khaki sales, understandably, are through the roof," Willie Geist said about Kornacki on Sunday TODAY.

Dylan Dreyer suggested on Weekend TODAY that everyone chip in to give Kornacki some nice lavender spray and a spa package. He'll have to settle for a $5 footlong and some Jack to wash it down.

"This is really kind of you," he told Fallon. "I wish I had something for you. You're welcome to—"

"I don't want anything to do with that office," Fallon said.