Starbucks baristas beg you not to order the Unicorn Frappuccino

/ Source: TODAY

It looks great on Instagram, but the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks is not getting that many likes in the real world — especially from baristas.

The limited edition drink hit stores earlier this week, and customers seem to be asking for it in waves. The only thing is that Starbucks employees who have to make the drink are not happy with the demand.

One barista even went viral with a video begging consumers not to order it.

"I have never made so many frappuccinos in my entire life, and my hands are completely sticky," he complained. "I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life."

He finishes his rant with a final plea: "For the love of god and everything that is good, don’t get the unicorn frappuccino."

Another barista snapped a photo of his stained hand after making the drinks all day.

"I AM COVERED IN UNICORN BLOOD," he wrote (screamed?) in the caption.

And it’s not just the work involved that’s making some baristas rebel. It’s the actual product, too. One called the drink a "poison-infused abomination." The Frappuccino is made with ice, mango syrup, milk and "fairy powder" that’s actually just colored sugar.

BuzzFeed points out that the grande version of the drink has 59 grams of sugar which is about one and a half times the maximum amount of added sugar that's recommended for your body per day.

The TODAY anchors tested the drink on air and came to the conclusion that it tastes like sherbet or a creamsicle. While Matt thought it was too sweet, Hoda said she was into it, and Savannah said she didn't mind it.

"It’s not a milkshake, but it’s good," she said.