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Ina Garten and Seth Meyers let loose while day drinking and playing games

How sweet (and tipsy) it is!
/ Source: TODAY

When Seth Meyers wanted to hang out and chat with Ina Garten, aka the "Barefoot Contessa," he decided not to restrict their meeting to his "Late Night" studio.

Instead, he took her out to a bar for another edition of a segment called "Day Drinking"!

The pair met up at The Corner Bistro in New York City, where they made drinks straight from Garten's own cookbooks — and hilarity immediately ensued.

"We are going to have a refined afternoon of good conversations and some libations," Meyers explained to the camera, before diving face-first into a Pimm's cup. Garten, meanwhile, took a gentle sip and laughed along.

"I'm in big trouble!" she chuckled.

There was no way she could outdrink Meyers, who did his best to chug every drink they tried, but she whipped up some exquisite cocktails. And Garten even brought her own measuring cups to make sure the portions were correct.

Ina Garten/Seth Meyers
Ina Garten and Seth Meyers shared drinks they'd prepared on "Late Night," and she revealed her "liar's face" after tasting his.NBC

"That's the problem with you cookbook people," said Meyers, while eyeballing how much of each ingredient went into his drinks. They even recreated Garten's favorite cocktail: a whiskey sour.

After each round, they swapped concoctions. After trying Meyers' drinks, the Food Network was very diplomatic while tasting what he'd tossed together, calling it "delicious."

"You know you have a face you make that's a liar's face?" he teased Garten, clearly getting tipsy.

Three drinks later, the duo played a few games, including trying to figure out if a dipping sauce was one of her homemade spreads or if it came from a fast-food chain. Meyers also held up photos of celebrities and asked the Barefoot Contessa to match the famous face with a shot of their feet.

At one point, Garten brought up her husband Jeffrey (because of course!) and Meyers cried, "Can we not talk about Jeffrey? Oh, my God! Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!" (But you'll want to check out her new Valentine's Day playlist, undoubtedly made with her favorite dining companion in mind.)

Ina Garten/Seth Meyers
Meyers should not quit his day job.NBC

For the final course, Meyers said he'd made Garten a birthday cake (she turned 71 on Feb. 2) based on one of her recipes. Meyers, quite tipsy, decided that for the finishing touch, he had to decorate the cake with her name. That ... didn't go so well.

Look, we know Meyers and Garten are both happily married, but clearly they're both great day-drinking buddies. We just want an invite next time!