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Samah Dada's avocado pesto and no-bake brownie bars are a perfect spring meal

Use avocado and lemon to brighten vegan pesto, and remove the hassle of baking from serving a fresh tray of brownies.
/ Source: TODAY

Cookbook author, food blogger and star of TODAY All Day's #Cooking, Samah Dada is cooking up a spread fit for springtime. She shows us how to whip up her dairy-free, creamy avocado pesto pasta and a no-bake brownie bar dessert to go with it.

I love how this recipe relies on avocado for its light and refreshing version of a creamy sauce. Fresh basil and lemon add a brightness that's perfect for springtime.

No-Bake Brownie Batter Bars

You and I both know we've been caught scraping the bottom of the brownie batter bowl too often — sometimes, it's tough to even have enough batter left to make it into the oven! I decided to find a solution to this issue and make brownie batter bars, which is what you get when you decide not to actually bake the brownies and get all the deliciousness of (edible) brownie batter instead. It's a perfect no-bake recipe for the warmer months, and it's made with simple, healthier, real ingredients as is the Dada Eats way!

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