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Dunkin’s ‘short king spring’ menu item hits a nerve on social media: ‘Seen and heard’

The popular doughnut chain dropped a drink that pays homage to short and confident men.
TODAY Illustration / Dunkin'

America’s biggest doughnut chain is honoring the men in our lives who may be short and stature, but tall in our hearts. 

On March 19, Dunkin’ announced that it’s debuting a new menu item in honor of the spring season. In addition to recommending food and beverage pairings from its spring menu which dropped last month, the chain is now honoring short kings — a.k.a. confident men who are shorter than average — with a limited time drink.

“In honor of the first day of spring and all our loyal short king fans out there, beginning March 19, a Dunkin’ small iced regular coffee will be available in the Dunkin’ App under the name ‘The Short King,’” Dunkin’ wrote in a news release. “This honorary name will only be available for a limited time through March 26, so make sure to grab a small iced coffee for yourself... or the short king in your life!”

In addition, Dunkin’ posted an adorable social post celebrating the short-but-sweet drink as well as “Short King Spring” on Instagram and TikTok in a short (in time) animation showing the Short King being crowned by its vertically unchallenged subjects.

Dunkin’ also posted on X, writing, “Because sometimes you don’t need a large or even a medium, you just need a Short King.” 

Folks in the comments section reacted to the temporary name change with jokes, appreciation and, in several instances, by tagging the short kings in their lives:

  • “My time is now”
  • "Seen and heard"
  • "Don't tag me"
  • “They’re targeting short kings to push mobile orders, they’re too short to order at the register”
  • “Dunkin’ marketing doing the most 💯”
  • “What in the Bridgerton”
  • “visibility 👏👏👏”
  • “Celebrate our short kings 👌🏽”
  • “When people ask why I love Dunkin’ I’m showing them this post”
  • “Good day my lord👑🤣”
  • “Long live the short kings! 👑 (Along with the Dunkin’gs ofc😌)”
Dunkin's spring menu includes churro doughnuts and breakfast empanadas.
Dunkin's spring menu includes churro doughnuts and breakfast empanadas. TODAY Illustration / Dunkin'

What’s on Dunkin’s spring menu?

In addition to the limited-time Short King, Dunkin’ announced its spring line up on Feb. 21. Here’s what else you can order from Ben Affleck’s doughnutty muse this season:

  • The Churro Signature Latte: This drink combines espresso with a sweet churro flavor and is topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. The Churro Signature Latte is available iced or hot.
  • Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee: This drink is a blend of Dunkin’s original coffee and cream, completed with notes of churro and vanilla flavors. The Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee can be ordered iced or hot.
  • Breakfast Empanada: This new portable breakfast item consists of scrambled eggs, sausage and cheddar cheese wrapped in a flaky and buttery crust and can be enjoyed on-the-go.
  • Churro Donut: This deep-fried cake doughnut is rolled in cinnamon sugar for a sweet and crunchy churro-like experience. 
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Bread: This pre-packaged item consists of baked banana bread with the addition of chocolate chips.

Dunkin’ also recently announced the addition of the new SPARKD’ Energy drink line to its menu on Feb. 21 in Peach Sunshine and Berry Burst flavors. Taking Panera’s own Charged Lemonade beverages on for caffeinated size, Dunkin’s SPARKD’ drinks contain 192 milligrams of caffeine and 37 grams of sugar in its largest size, according to the chain’s website.