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7-Eleven’s Slurpee looks chillingly different with new cup design

The convenience store chain last changed the Slurpee cup in 2019.

America’s largest convenience store chain has dropped something new to cool us all down, just as summer starts heating up.

On June 12, 7-Eleven announced that its iconic Slurpee cups are getting a makeover. Part of the retailer’s new “Anything Flows” campaign, the brain-freeze-inducer’s newest look is full of “eccentric colors and eclectic vibes,” according to the company.

The new Slurpee cup design.
The new Slurpee cup design.7-Eleven

Over the years, Slurpee cups have gone through a total of seven changes from the drink's debut in 1966. While always bright, each cup reflects its decade, with the '80s and '90s cups looking perfectly vintage. The company then turned to a pair of colorful pinwheel designs for its cups in the early 2000s.

The Slurpee cup’s last redesign was in 2019, when the company says the Slurpee’s “free spirit and bold attitude were activated” in a maze-like design. This year sees a more simple and boldly colored Slurpee cup with an updated and smoothly bold Slurpee-like “S” logo.

A timeline of Slurpee cup designs.
A timeline of Slurpee cup designs.7-Eleven

The new vibe for the summery treat is inspired by insights from the brand’s very own proprietary customer research panel which is called the "Brainfreeze Collective."

That’s right: 7-Eleven has a not-so-secret society and, according to the company, membership is sitting pretty at over 250,000 members.

A model enjoys a Slurpee in its newly designed vessel.
A model enjoys a Slurpee in its newly designed vessel.7-Eleven

Members discuss ideas, opinions and experiences about 7-Eleven and its sister companies Speedway and Stripes. (As an aside, as part of the Brainfreeze Collective, you get to chat with “Slurp,” a sentient Slurpee robot that assists members with any questions you may have, which might be reason enough to join on its own.)

“Created from the idea that no matter what your flow is, Slurpee drinks have a flavor to match, the new ‘Anything Flows’ campaign features a refreshed look and feel and omnichannel campaign,” writes 7-Eleven in a news release. This refresh includes new ads and campaigns in addition to two new designs for the small and large Slurpee drink cups. 

7-Eleven's Slurpee pool float.
7-Eleven's Slurpee pool float.7-Eleven

7-Eleven has also released a custom capsule collection that includes items like jackets, bucket hats, Slurpee drink-shaped pool floats, beach bags, shirts and more from size small to XXXL, which can be found at the 7 Collection website.

“For nearly 60 years, Slurpee has been a timeless icon, bringing our communities together to help create moments of joy through the weird and wonderful experience that is the Slurpee drink,” said Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven’s executive vice president and chief marketing and sustainability officer, in a press release. “Now, as we usher in the new generation of Slurpee, we celebrate this iconic brand’s evolution and its continuous ability to add a little more awesome to our customer’s day.”

The new Slurpee design ... by the pool.
The new Slurpee design ... by the pool.7-Eleven

“While no color, logo or design can change the nostalgic feel you get from enjoying your Slurpee drink, rebrands have been an important aspect of the brand’s history. We want to always remain timeless, yet nostalgic for our customer,” Jarratt added.

If you want to experience the new cup ASAP, you can get a $1 small Slurpee delivered directly to your door by downloading the 7NOW Delivery app — but if you’re gonna go through all that effort, you might as well treat yourself to a large, right?