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Prince William shocks customers by serving them veggie burgers from a food truck

One burger, fit for a prince, coming right up!
/ Source: TODAY

When he’s not busy taking care of his royal duties, Prince William apparently makes time to hang out on food trucks. 

The Prince of Wales, 41, recently handed out some eco-friendly plant-based burgers to a group of shocked patrons after teaming up with Sorted Food, a British YouTube channel and food community created by Benjamin ‘Ben’ Ebbrell, Michael ‘Mike’ Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford and Barry Taylor. The four YouTubers have amassed nearly 1 billion views on their channel and have 2.7 million subscribers. 

Prince William appeared as a special guest on the July 30 YouTube video to highlight the Earthshot Prize and its recent winners, who were tasked to "find and grow" solutions that can help repair the planet. In the video, the Sorted Food hosts used some of the recent winners products, which included clean and energy-efficient stoves and biodegradable food packaging, to serve customers their plant-based Earthshot Burgers.

“I’ve brought you some Earthshot bits and pieces,” Prince William said in the beginning of the video as he walked in into their kitchen and handed Taylor some boxes of ingredients. “Those are for you. Don’t drop them.”

When Taylor pretended to struggle with the weight of the vegetable ingredients that the prince brought, the Prince of Wales playfully added, “He does need to go to the gym.”  

He then spoke about the purpose of the Earthshot Prize. “It’s an initiative I started two years ago now, although it’s been about four years in the making. I had hair when it started,” he quipped. 

Prince William said he launched the project to help address some of the world’s biggest environmental issues, adding that "urgency and optimism equal action and that’s the spirit of the prize.”

The royal later joined the Sorted Food crew on their Earthshot Burger food truck to help dish out their plant-based creation to some hungry — and unsuspecting — customers.  

“Can we have four Earthshot Burgers please, chef?” Spafford asked before the Prince of Wales turned around to a group of surprised faces. 

“Coming right up,’ he replied, “Morning everyone!” 

While Prince William took a moment to emphasize the Earthshot Prize’s goal to “repair and restore the planet,” the customers continued to look at him in complete shock. 

“Everything you see here comes from the winners from last year,” he said, highlighting the seaweed containers, the ingredients and the stoves. 

“Can’t vouch for the taste and the quality,” he joked. 

Prince William serving a special Earthshot Burger to a surprised group of customers alongside the Sorted Food crew.
Prince William serving a special Earthshot Burger to a surprised group of customers alongside the Sorted Food crew.Sorted Food / YouTube

Both the Earthshot Burger and the Earthshot Prize received nothing but positive feedback from the patrons. 

This isn't the first time that Prince William has brought awareness to his Earthshot Prize initiative. 

Last year, Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, attended The Earthshot Prize ceremony at MGM Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. It marked the pair’s first tour to the U.S. since 2014

The couple walked the green carpet together before watching five winners and finalists receive recognition for their hard work. The former Kate Middleton, 41, wore an off-the-shoulder lime green Solace London gown that she accessorized with an emerald and diamond necklace and matching earrings.

According to a press release, Prince William gave a speech to the crowd,  saying, “I believe that the Earthshot solutions you have seen this evening prove we can overcome our planet’s greatest challenges. And by supporting and scaling them we can change our future.” 

He added that it was his "hope the Earthshot legacy will continue to grow, helping our communities and our planet to thrive.”

Celebrities like Annie Lennox, Rami Malek, David Bekcham, Billie Eilish and John Kerry, the first U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, also attended the ceremony.