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People are shocked by what's under Hamburger Helper's iconic glove

No more sleight of hand! Now we know exactly what the dinner mix mascot truly looks like on the inside.
/ Source: TODAY

Just what does the Hamburger Helper glove mascot look like on the inside?

You may never have wondered this before, but now that we're putting it out there, you pretty much have to know ... right?

Well, someone with a little extra free brain space asked the big question on Twitter Saturday:

There was some initial coy behavior from the Helper's official account:

But by Monday afternoon, the true answer was out there, and it's definitely got us rethinking our Halloween costumes:

It's also got us rethinking our priorities — but let's put that aside for a moment. "Lefty," as the glove has been known ever since he (it? she?) was introduced in 1977 as a "talking, cute, red-nosed, puffy white-gloved hand with only three fingers and a thumb," according to the General Mills blog. General Mills owns the brand, which rolled out nationally in 1971 and is now just called Helper.

Though the name Lefty didn't come along initially, it was a natural fit! The glove is, after all, a left hand. But we have learned so much more ever since the skeleton reveal. First of all, apparently there is a miniature person, possibly just a skeleton, inside Lefty. Do they get union wages? What do they do on their vacation time?

Even more terrifying: that person has two left and two right hands. Minds blown, again! Twitter is, of course, having a field day with the revelation:

But you've got to give the Helper branding folks a hand for revamping Lefty's image. In 2016 the glove was featured on a hip-hop mixtape project with five original songs that actually earned some critical acclaim. And continuing his transformation, Lefty was also the center of attention at a 40th birthday party in New York City this July.

What can we say? We all know a whole lot more about Lefty and Helper than we ever thought we would. He truly has become part of the digit-al revolution.

So, what's for dinner?

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