Olive Garden adds spaghetti pies, new breadstick sandwiches to menu

Praise the pasta gods! The one and only Olive Garden is going to serve spaghetti pie.

That's right, America's beloved home of endless breadsticks is expanding its menu, serving three spaghetti pies just in time for beach season.

Olive Garden's offerings include:

1. Meatball Deep Dish Spaghetti Pie: a base of spaghetti, seven cheeses and bacon topped with meatballs and meat sauce.

2. Chicken Alfredo Deep Dish Spaghetti Pie: a base of spaghetti, seven cheeses and bacon topped with grilled chicken and Alfredo sauce.

3. Spaghetti Rosso with Chicken and Bacon: tomato-infused spaghetti pie with grilled chicken, bacon, red peppers, tomatoes and asparagus tossed in a Parmesan pesto sauce.

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But wait, there's more!

The sit-down chain also announced additions to its lunch menu, offering two new breadstick sandwiches: the Spicy Calabrian Chicken Breadstick Sandwich and its Eggplant Parmigiana Breadstick Sandwich.

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Of course, it's the spaghetti pie we're really losing our cool over. TODAY has been touting the dish since August 2015, when Adam Richman stopped by to share his recipe with us. Matt Lauer declared the meal one of the best he's ever had on the show.

Check out his recipe below, and if you love spaghetti pie as much as we do, check out five more takes on the cult classic dish, from cheeseburger to pesto pies, here.

Spaghetti Pie
Adam Richman's recipe for spaghetti pie
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