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Nicole Scherzinger shares her healthy chicken recipe: 'It makes me salivate!'

Singer Nicole Scherzinger unabashedly loves food and here, she shares one of her favorite healthy recipes for chicken in oyster sauce.
/ Source: TODAY
Nicole Scherzinger shares her fave recipe.
I CAN DO THAT! -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Nicole Scherzinger -- (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)Paul Drinkwater / NBC

Singer Nicole Scherzinger unabashedly loves food, and with a background that includes Hawaiian, Filipino, and Russian lineage, Southern roots and German family, she grew up eating a variety of cuisines.

"I absolutely love to eat everything —Japanese, Hawaiian, Italian, and to really wind down, Mexican food.” One of her comfort food favorites, she says, is white truffle pasta.

“I was always so busy being involved in the arts so I didn't get to be around a lot when my mom cooked dinners, but I did like to help cook with my family around the holidays. Being Hawaiian, I am a big fan of Hawaiian food. Everything from Hawaiian lunch plates to ahi poke. And I grew up in the South, so I love Southern food, especially chicken and dumplings. I'm quite the foodie!” Scherzinger told

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Scherzinger’s fit physique will be key to her success on the new NBC series “I Can Do That!,” which premieres May 26. The star, who struggled with bulimia for years, now focuses on eating fresh, healthy meals on a regular basis. One of her go-to healthy dishes is a family recipe for chicken in oyster sauce.

“It's really healthy,” she says. “You saute oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, chicken breasts, vegetables and garlic. Add some brown or white rice to it. Throw it all together and it's beautiful! Just talking about it makes me salivate!"

Lucky for us, Scherzinger shared the full recipe with