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Airline serves KFC to passengers after catering mishap: ‘We had to wing it’

Passengers on the 12.5-hour flight from Turks and Caicos to London each received one piece of chicken from KFC.
/ Source: TODAY

After a catering mishap on July 23, British Airway passengers received not the typical pre-packaged meals, but one piece of KFC chicken each.

The 12-and-and-half hour flight from Turks and Caicos to London made a stop in Nassau, Bahamas, where crew members entered the airport terminal to buy the KFC buckets.

“With limited options available at the airport, our teams sprung into action and made sure our customers onboard our flight had something to eat,” British Airways wrote in a statement to “We apologize to customers that their full meal service was not available and that we had to wing it on this occasion.”

The British Airways spokesperson also said that passengers received a refreshment voucher from the airline upon arriving at Heathrow Airport. They cited “unforeseen circumstances” in causing the incident, but did not provide details about why the crew was unable to provide the standard meal service.

Andrew Bailey, a passenger on the flight, tweeted that the incident occurred because the catering carts weren't chilled properly.

He wrote that passengers were told this occurred because the chillers failed on the plane, and that he, his daughte, and other passengers gave their chicken pieces to those who hadn’t eaten for hours before the flight.

“Amazing how BA can email all passengers, as we landed at LHR about the situation, however you then put the onus on customers to complain rather than offer a solution and compensate everyone accordingly,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet. has reached out to Bailey for additional comment.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, flight attendants can be seen holding KFC buckets in the aisles and handing out chicken to passengers with tongs. The user who posted the video called the whole scene “an absolute disgrace.”

There were some passengers, however, who applauded the airline’s decision, noting that the meager KFC portions were better than no food for the whole flight.

“The intense heat out there made the food unsafe and BA didn’t want to chance the whole flight getting sick,” an unnamed passenger told The Sun. “This was their only option to ensure everyone stayed safe but didn’t starve. Everyone also got a voucher to buy food on arrival (in London). I think BA did the best they could, given the circumstances.”