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McDonald's pumpkin pie is back and not everyone is lovin' it

Yay or nay on McDonald's pumpkin pie? Twitter can't decide.
McDonald's limited edition pumpkin pie
McDonald's limited edition pumpkin pieGetty Images, McDonald's
/ Source: TODAY

While some chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts debuted their pumpkin spice goodies in the beginning of fall, McDonald's has been holding out on one of its seasonal items.

The fast food chain recently added a pumpkin pie to its menu for a limited time — and not everyone is lovin' it.

The pumpkin pies are baked daily in select stores, have a pumpkin filling, a flaky pastry crust and are dusted in cinnamon sugar, a McDonald's spokesperson told TODAY Food by email.

McDonald's trotted out its first pumpkin pie in 2011 with mixed reviews. The brand experimented with a "pumpkin and creme" version in 2015 which also had mixed reviews.

More people have gotten their hands on this year's version of the pumpkin pie that they have in the past, but the folks on Twitter can't decide if they're "loving it" or not.

There are definitely plenty who are digging the seasonal pie.

And then there's a handful on Team "No, thank you!" Most of the people who weren't fans compared the pumpkin pie turnovers to McDonald's iconic apple pies.

It seems the whole pumpkin pie and apple pie thing may have confused McDonald's employees. An awful lot of people on Twitter are reporting ordering an apple pie and getting a pumpkin pie and vice versa.

Some are pleasantly surprised, while others are not...

According to McDonald's Nutritional Information, each pumpkin pie has 250 calories, 13 grams of fat and 30 grams of carbs. There's also 170 milligrams of sodium in each one, so much like a Thanksgiving dinner, this might be a treat to have once a year.

The popular fast food chain changed its apple pie recipe in September much to customers' dismay. Maybe the return of the pumpkin pie will help make it up to those who are fans of the seasonal item.

Want more interesting menu items from McDonald's? Head to one of their Miami-area stores, which are testing international items like a Stroopwafel McFlurry and BBQ McShaker Fries.