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Louisiana chef fulfills dream of cooking for Hoda in the TODAY kitchen

Jambalaya is Hoda's favorite!
/ Source: TODAY

Louisiana chef Pat Darbonne (aka Pat-n-da-Pot) made it her mission to meet Hoda and fulfill her dream of cooking alongside her on the TODAY show.

Finally, back in October, they met on the TODAY Plaza and Hoda invited her to come on the show and whip up some classic Cajun recipes (Hoda's favorite cuisine!). Darbonne shows Hoda how to make one-pot jambalaya with fluffy rice and sweet praline candies.

I love this recipe because it is one of the top signature dishes of Louisiana. Its full of rich meats, tender vegetables and fluffy rice. The combo results in a stick-to-your-ribs meal that is sure to satisfy.

Louisiana Pralines

Louisiana Pralines

Pat Darbonne

Pralines are a classic Louisiana confection. The crunchy nuts and creamy candy make them a wonderfully sweet treat.

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